Summer SALE 2022 up to 25% OFF

Summer SALE 2022 up to 25% OFF

Summer Sale

Summer SALE 2022 up to 25% OFF

Dear Littleover Apiaries Honey Fan

It’s July-peak month of the British Summer. All the Wildflower blossoms have reached their full bloom and are full of sweet and tempting nectar. Foxgloves, poppies, sea hollies, harebells and yellow irises are just a few species of the beautiful wildflowers we can find in our English meadows and coastlines. While this beauty is attracting bees with welcoming colours and fruity fragrances, Littleover Apiaries would like to treat our customers with a three-week summer online sale for all our products. Up to 25% OFF discount on everything!

The sale will take a place on 11th of July and will end on 31st of July.                                                                     

Wishing you a sun kissed summer!

Your Littleover Apiaries

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