English Honey

english honey, english honey supplier online, english honey manufacturerAll of our English honey is cold extracted and cold filtered using only gravity.  This is to protect the natural proteins and enzymes, and to ensure that our honey is as near to the way the bees intended it to be as is possible.

Our hives are placed in the central and eastern counties of England, and as far north as the North Yorkshire moors (in order to gather possibly the best heather honey in the world).

The bees themselves are Buckfast /Cerocropia.  This is a type of bee that is calm and easy to work with.  They also form prolific colonies and are very resistant to disease and parasites.

The main varieties of honey are:

These are honeys gathered from mid to late season they have a medium strength taste with definite hints of barley sugar and a wonderful floral complexity. These are both suited to use either as a sweetener or even to cook with and are perfect for spreading.

The Set Honey is naturally granulated without the use of seeding, heating or creaming, but is prepared using our own unique methods to control the texture and set.

English Heather Honey

Our English Heather Honey is a rich and aromatic honey gathered from hives both in the Peak District and the North Yorkshire Moors. It is a honey with a huge following among honey connoisseurs, and once tasted will always be remembered for its rich smoky flavour.

Borage Honey

Borage honey with its light delicate flavour makes it ideal as an all round honey. It is very pale in appearance and slow to granulate.

Brasica Napus

Brasica Napus is a light amber colour or almost white when set. It has a light flavour and is good for spreading or for use as an ingredient when cooking. This honey captures all the essence of an English spring – simply wonderful!