Organic Honey

Littleover Apiaries Ltd are registered with the Organic Food Federation UK4.

As we looked to extend our range of honeys, we wanted to produce “Organic” honey.  With this in mind we started to prepare and plan for the day back in 2005. It took us a further two years before we had all the necessary systems and controls in place to be able to produce and pack “Organically”.

We started with just two organic honey types, both were Wildflower Honey, one set and the other runny.  Today we are proud to say that we produce the largest range of organic honey available, including the following varieties:

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As a company we are 100% chemical-free in all of our undertakings, and will always be committed to refining and improving production techniques. Due to these commitments we are, and will remain, fully behind the Organic Food Movement, in particular the Organic Food Federation whom we regard as the friendly, helpful face of Organics.