Bulk Honey

The Littleover Apiaries bulk honey division specialises in the bottling and packing of honey in industrial quantities, for use in the catering, food service and general industries.  We supply in container sizes of 3.5 kg, 22 kg or several tons.

Exactly the same diligence and care is taken with our bulk honey products that we use with all of our other honeys; quality is still of paramount importance in this very important aspect of our work.

For some clients we blend and create a honey specifically to their individual requirement.  Which may be a single flower, geographic source, colour, viscosity or a more complex blend.  If you are organically certificated we can create an organic blend just for you.  Contact us to discuss your requirements, we are more than happy to advise without any obligation.

We pride ourselves on being big enough to supply but small enough to care.  We do require a MOQ on bespoke orders.  All products will be dispatched with full product specification as required.

With our laboratory facilities we can work with you in your product development to ensure that you have the right honey for your needs, please call us for further information.

Did you know the petrochemical industry clean refinery pipes with honey?