Organic Wildflower Honey with Royal Jelly

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Littleover clear Organic Wildflower Honey is produced from hives placed in certified organic wildflower meadows.

Our Organic Wildflower is then fortified with the addition of Royal Jelly, one of nature’s best known wonders. It is then tracked by the organic authorities to maintain its organic integrity.

The flavour is sensational with everything you could hope for, plus a lot more, all in one wonderful jar of honey.

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Organic Wildflower Honey with Royal Jelly

Our Organic wildflower honey with Royal Jelly, as all of our honey is cold extracted, cold filtered and unblended to protect the natural proteins and enzymes in this premium honey.

Our beehives are placed in areas of prolific flowering plants in organic certified regions around the world in order to achieve this mild yet excitingly flavoured honey, which is extracted raw, straight from the comb to keep all of its subtle aromas and tastes intact.

We then add Royal Jelly one of natures wonders this is to increase even this honeys natural health promoting properties.

Littleover Apiaries are committed to sustainable farming while producing this premium honey and the care of our planet.

All good honey may crystallise or set during storage. If this should occur please warm gently to return to its liquid state.

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3 reviews for Organic Wildflower Honey with Royal Jelly

  1. Ove Evensen

    Hi All Just want to drop down a few words to say that I have no other way of saying it other than that THIS honey is the best I have ever tasted! I did get my normal jar of honey in the shop as usual, as you do when you have run out and need more of THE bets honey ever! Anyway, my point is beyond that this is simply the best honey you can get and you should to help support small local business. And that is that the jar I did pick up was a bit darker then normal( i see this as i usally by more then one at a time) I did not think to much about it then, but my god, it was EVEN better then the “normal” good stuff! It was like i actually had a bit of “flowert” in a jar that i could add to tea or on bread or anything else that needed a bit of sweetnes. I put this down to TRUE wildflower honey, as noone knows where the bees find their flowers.. hehe Anyway, keep up the good work and, if you have not tried it i recummedn you to try it even if it can be twice the money as the cheep crap is. Here you is “you get what you pay for” really true.

  2. D Bradley

    lovely honey nice on toast ,porridge,or on its own ,highly reccomended

  3. Willem D. du PLOOIJ (verified owner)

    100% the Best Honey and very healthy and nutritious when used right.
    I cannot go without it and it aids my my health with my Autoimmune Disorder to boot.

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