Organic Mexican Honey (3.5kg)


Pure Organic Mexican honey is uniquely flavoured and very well priced. It is produced from hives placed in certified organic lands and tracked by the organic authorities to maintain its organic integrity.

Our Organic Mexican honey is a great all-round honey suitable for cooking, spreading or using as sweetener.

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Organic Mexican Honey

This Organic Mexican honey is a dark honey with a wonderful tropical flavour unique, we believe, to Mexico.  Produced from organic land in the Yucatan region of Mexico renowned for its variety of tropical wildflowers and cactus plants.

It has a good strength making it great for use as a cooking ingredient, a sweetener or just superb spread on a hot buttered crumpet.  If you are feeling adventurous, next time you make a chilli con carne, add a teaspoon of Mexican honey and taste the difference.

All of our honey is cold extracted, cold filtered and unblended to protect the natural proteins and enzymes in this premium honey.

Littleover Apiaries are committed to sustainable farming and the care of our environment while producing this premium honey.

All good honey may crystallise or set during storage.  If this should occur please warm gently to return to its liquid form.


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