English Borage Honey


English Borage honey is a favourite here at Littleover Apiaries.  Renowned for its light and delicate flavour, a favourite among honey connoisseurs.

The bees collect this honey at the height of the English summer and you can almost taste the sunshine.

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English Borage Honey

English Borage Honey – All of our honey is cold extracted, cold filtered and unblended to protect the natural proteins and enzymes that make honey a super food.

We site our hives in the Borage fields of the rural Eastern counties of England during June and July in order for our bees to produce this remarkable summer honey from their harvest of nectar and pollens.

Renowned for its light and delicate flavour which makes it a firm favourite among the connoisseurs of English honey.  This is a delightful honey sweet yet light ideal for marinades cooking and anywhere that a light gentle flavour is required.

All good honey may crystallise or set during storage. If this should occur please warm gently to return to its liquid state.

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