Pure Acacia Honey

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Littleover Apiaries Pure Acacia honey is light, is delicate, is fantastic!

This is a spring honey and is a firm favourite with children.

Our Acacia is a very pale coloured honey and is always runny.

Great for spreading, cooking and is wonderful drizzled over cereal.

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Pure Acacia Honey

Pure Acacia honey, as all of our honey, is cold extracted, cold filtered and unblended to protect the natural proteins and enzymes in this premium honey.

Our hives are sited among Acacia woodland, during the period of early summer when the wild acacias are in full bloom.

This pale and light coloured honey is a real favourite amongst connoisseurs of honey for its purity and light delicate taste.

This makes it ideal for use in cooking, as a general sweetener or for spreading. This is a real favourite amongst children.

Littleover Apiaries are committed to sustainable farming while producing this premium honey and the care of our planet.

All good honey may crystallise or set during storage. If this should occur please warm gently to return to its liquid state.

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