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Bee & Hive Management, Bottling & Honey Quality Control

process-002Over the years we have developed our own unique process of getting honey from the hive to our consumers, and have perfected this method by separating this into three parts.

The first part is concerned with bee keeping and hive management, were we still use time honoured ways to manage the bees.  We carry out strict swarm control along very traditional lines, sometimes the old ways are still the best.  We are 100% chemical-free in our process, trusting in exemplary cleanliness and the strict replacement of all wax and removable woodwork every two years.  We are committed to farming well-bred bees and as a result we suffer very little from disease.  We endeavour to extract our honey within four hours of it being taken from the hive and then store it “clean”.

The second part of our process is in the bottling of our honey, here we use state-of-the-art equipment throughout.  By combining the very best of bee keeping tradition and modern technology, we believe it gives our honey the edge.  Any preparation is carried out in a closed digitally temperature controlled environment which is accurate to 0.1° centigrade.  Our belief is that once the bees have finished their part the honey cannot be improved.

process-003We keep human operations and interference involving the honey to an absolute minimum, a computer is always more accurate and consistent than even the most diligent human.

Hygiene controls are our major priority were our honey is concerned, and we believe it cannot be enforced too strictly.  All of our staff are trained to at least intermediate levels in both food hygiene and food processing.  Full PPE is worn at all times by all staff in the bottling and packing rooms, which some say more resembles an operating theatre than production rooms (a comment we take as a compliment).

The third part is our quality control process which takes place in our laboratory. Click Here to find out more about our on-site honey laboratory. By being diligent on a microscopic level means that you can be sure to trust that our honey is quality down to the very last drop.


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