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Littleover Apiaries Organic Forest Honey Caramel Apples

Mornings are getting darker, leaves are littering the pavements and chunky knits are beginning to look appealing again. Autumn has well and truly arrived, and with it comes the spookiest of all treats – the Toffee Apple! Here at Littleover Apiaries we have put our own spin on this and have to share with you our recipe for Honey Carmel Apples. …

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**FREE** Littleover Apiary Honey Comb in Honey!

Back by popular demand is a limited run of our famous Acacia Honey Comb in Honey! Our Acacia Honey Comb is cut straight from the hive then placed into light, sweet Acacia Honey and brought to you so that you can enjoy one of nature’s most delicious delicacies. And for a limited time only we’re giving away a FREE jar of …

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Littleover Apiary Great Honey Sale – LAST WEEK!!

As the final rays of summer shine down upon us, so dawns the last week of the Littleover Apiary’s Great Honey Sale.  There’s still time to stock up on all your favourite jars,  with savings of up to 25% across our entire range of delicious honeys. With offers not to be missed, the Littleover Apiary sale is only available to …

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Littleover Apiary great honey sale!!

The great British summer is in full swing and our hives are bursting with activity. And with the glorious rays of sunshine comes the delicious Littleover Apiary summer celebration with our online sale! Exclusively available to our friends whom shop with us through our online store, you’ll find up to 25% off many of your favourite jars of honey – …

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Littleover Apiary’s vanilla cup cakes topped with Lavender Honey Buttercream

Nothing compliments afternoon tea better than a spot of cake, so why not try something different with our vanilla cup cakes with Lavender Honey butter cream? Simple and straight-forward to make, they go perfectly with a cup of Lady Grey and good company. To make 15 cup cakes, you’ll need: 113g unsalted butter 113g caster sugar 105g self-raising flour (sifted) …

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**WARNING** Are you being robbed by your honey producer?!

THIS IS POSSIBLY THE MOST SERIOUS THING TO HAPPEN IN THE HONEY INDUSTRY IN THE LAST 25 YEARS. ARE YOU BEING ROBBED BY YOUR HONEY PRODUCER? Here at the Littleover Apiary we are in possession of a report compiled by the FOOD STANDARDS AGENCY which shows that a lot of honey labelled as being English or Scottish has in fact …

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The Littleover Apiary explains why honey granulates and how to return it back to its runny state

HELP my honey has gone hard / sugary / cloudy or solid! If this happens there are a few thing you can do. First don’t panic, it hasn’t gone off, its just being honey. ALL honey should granulate over time. Some of the things that help cause granulation are keeping honey in a cold place, never refrigerate honey. Due to …

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Exclusive summer offer with the Littleover Apiary!

The sun is out, the garden is in bloom and our bees are busy buzzing! So here at the Littleover Apiary we’re celebrating the start of the Great British summer with an offer that is exclusive to our friends who shop with us directly through our online store. Simply spend £35.00* with us and we’ll give you one of our …

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