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Quality Assured Honey Production

lab-009The third part of our hive to customer process is in our quality control laboratory. Find out about our first two stages of honey extraction by clicking on this link.

Once we started to export our honeys we introduced an on-site laboratory.  This was to ensure that all of our products comply with increasingly stringent definitions of what honey is, which is demanded from various governments.

We developed our own Standardised Testing System to ensure the accuracy of our testing, and we use a full array of organoleptic and scientific testing measures.

lab-016Over the years we have built up a comprehensive database of several thousand honey samples that enables comparison analysis to be made.  Accurate comparison is the only way to ensure conformity of honey type, especially mono floral honeys.  We discovered that sugar comparisons, colour, pollen comparisons, and other chemical comparisons, did not vary greatly between samples of a common type.

So now-a-days we are able to accurately compare most honeys with known samples in order to confirm the identity of floral source.

lab-9We measure sugar contents and types in all of our honeys. In particular we measure everything using photo spectrometry; we test diastase, invertase and hydroxymethyl-furaldehyde also utilising photo spectrometry.  We also measure the colour of honey on the p/fund scale in mm.

Using microscopy we analyse pollen content to finitely  help to determine the origins of each type and to check the levels of undissolvable matter present.  Finally, each batch is taste tested before its approved and proudly given its gold Littleover Apiary label.


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