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**WARNING** Are you being robbed by your honey producer?!

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Here at the Littleover Apiary we are in possession of a report compiled by the FOOD STANDARDS AGENCY which shows that a lot of honey labelled as being English or Scottish has in fact only arrived in Britain after being produced else where. Every major producer, and many of the smaller ones too, have been brought into question.

One supermarket had to clear a product from their shelves because after the FSA notified the producer that is was sampling its honey, they discovered that they had accidentally left a dirty pipe that had allowed a small amount of South American honey to contaminate their English Honey.

We say rubbish! If this was genuine, why were they content to sell the product if they knew about it? Also, a dirty pipe would only allow trace amounts through which the tests would not have picked up any way.

Various other honey producers which have been found lacking are claiming that they have pollen analysed their product and so can prove their products authenticity.

Again, we have to say rubbish! Most of the companies making this claim do not have their own laboratories and, in any case, pollen analysis is a contra-indicator. That is it shows what should NOT be there and not what should, and so is a totally unsuitable test for authenticity. Any company using this excuse should be forced to come up with the test results they are claiming and the laboratory certificate backing them up. It’s not surprising that these certificates are rare.

Our founder, Tony Spacey, will be meeting with the Food Standards Agency tomorrow and will be telling them of another two major retailers and one of the largest honey brands whom all claim to sell Manuka Honey cheaply.

Even the cheapest Manuka Honey available in the world market is based on 20 ton lots of unrefined honey. This is priced at £15,000 per ton, and the variety being sold by two high street retailers is priced at £19,000 per ton or £19 per kilo gram. These two retailers are selling it from £14 per kilo in retail jars. Everybody involved in this scam knows about it and has gone into it with their eyes wide open in order to rip off you – the consumer. This product, were you can currently buy two jars for £9.98, has no more Manuka in it than the moon. This rubbish is worth about £3 per jar, if it was genuine it would be worth about £12 per jar, not two for £9.98.

We were told by Derby City Trading Standards that one of the major brands just does not cooperate with them. So why are the public still being ripped off to the tune of £1,000s?

So make sure that you buy from a brand you can trust. And as all of our products have passed governments tests consistently over the past 15 years, we hope that this is testament to our trustworthy credentials. If it’s Manuka you want then make sure it’s Littleover Apiaries, or, if not ours, Comvita – we have never come across a product of Comvita that’s not as good as ours. As to the rest available on the the market, caveat emptor let the buyer beware!!!!

If things are not rectified we will publish this report on the internet in full, naming names so that you can see exactly who has been letting you down.

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