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The Littleover Apiary explains why honey granulates and how to return it back to its runny state

Posted on 01/07/2014 by

HELP my honey has gone hard / sugary / cloudy or solid!

If this happens there are a few thing you can do. First don’t panic, it hasn’t gone off, its just being honey. ALL honey should granulate over time. Some of the things that help cause granulation are keeping honey in a cold place, never refrigerate honey. Due to its high sugar content and low available water, honey cannot go¬†off. In fact it’s the only natural food product that can not go off or degrade.

So, we have established that it is a time/ temperature relationship that causes honey to granulate as basically the lower the temperature the faster the honey will granulate. Now some people actually prefer their honey this way and basically that’s what set honey is. However in the preparation of set honey we use various techniques to try and prevent either the granules becoming too course or the honey becoming too set and hard to get out of the jar.

What do you do if you want your honey softer or clear? Well to clarify it again all that you need do is warm it up. You can do this in several ways, either stand the jar on a radiator, place the jar in a bowl of hot water or, our preferred method, REMOVE the lid and place in a microwave and give it 10 second bursts until it goes clear. Alternatively, if you just want it softer, you will need to hold the jar in an oven glove and try to stir the honey once it is warm enough to do this stop heating it and stir – the longer you stir, the smoother it will become.

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