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Littleover Apiary advises on the best way to store honey

Posted on 30/05/2014 by

“What is the best way to store honey? “, this is possibly one of the most frequent questions that we are asked here at the Littleover Apiary. To answer this question correctly, we’ll start with a few facts about honey.

Honey is the only natural food product that cannot rot or “go off”. This is because of its high sugar content, low Ph and low water content; honey is a remarkably stable product.

“My honey has gone sugary!” is a common complaint that many have. But this is not something to worry about, in fact it’s a sign of quality. All good quality honey will granulate, so if you have opened a jar that has either gone solid or “sugary”, then don’t worry it is only behaving the way nature intended.

When honey is cropped or extracted from the honey comb it is a viscous liquid. Then, depending on its floral type, it may stay liquid for up to nine months or it could granulate within a few days. The factors that help govern this are the floral type, which in turn relates to its fructose glucose (F/G) level. A low F/G ratio will have a longer liquidity life. If the honey is placed in a cold environment (e.g. a fridge) this will speed up the granulation time.

So, if your honey was runny when you bought it and that is the way you want it, don’t refrigerate it. Our advice is to keep it at room temperature. If your honey was set when you bought it, then again don’t refrigerate it as it may go so hard you cannot get a knife in to the jar to spread it.

If you want to return granulating honey back to clear runny honey, then remove the jar lid and warm the jar of honey on a radiator, by immersing the jar in hot water, or by microwaving it for 15 second bursts until lit liquefies again. Providing the heating is done carefully so as not to burn the honey this procedure can be repeated several times without harming the honey or it’s wonderful properties.

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