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Littleover Apiaries supports The Winton Foundation For the Welfare of Bears

Posted on 15/05/2014 by

It’s nice to be able to help those when we can. And whom better to help than one of honeys biggest fans – The Bear!

We’re proud to be able to say that we have been working closely with The Winton Foundation for the Welfare of Bears and the three rescued circus  bears Carmen, Suzy and Peggy at Five Sisters Zoo in Lothian.

Carmen, Suzi and Peggy had spent 20 years living in cages barely bigger than themselves, and were transported around Europe as part of a circus troop. They were rescued in Belgium and taken on by the Five Sisters Zoo in West Calder. One of the bears, Suzy, is said to be so traumatised by the conditions she sometimes still keeps walking in small circles. Our honey is not only a delicious treat for the bears, but a way to administer their vital medication.

It was through The Winton Foundation for the Welfare of Bears that we came across their Fostering Compassion project. This project works with foster children and kinship care children who sadly, as a result of their own difficult upbringings and experiences in their early years, may have started to show worrying behaviour towards animals and may in general struggle to show empathy and compassion. The aim of the project is to break this negative cycle and to encourage these children to see animals as sentient beings, whilst at the same time giving these vulnerable children days filled with fun activities relating to animals and nature.

It’s an honour that our honey can be used to help both the bears and children in such a positive way.

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