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Littleover Apiaries and our on-site laboratory

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Keeping our eyes peeled at a microscopic level ensures that you can truly trust every single drop of our honey.

We are fanatical about the quality of our honey, which means that we can track it down to the very field that it came from. We even have an on-site laboratory so we can put our taste claims to the test.

With our own Standardised Testing System, we use an array of organoleptic and scientific testing measures. Over our years in the business we have built up a comprehensive database of several thousand honey samples to enable comparison analysis to be made. Accurate comparison is the only way to ensure conformity of honey type, especially mono floral honeys, and we are now able to compare most honeys with known samples in order to confirm the identity of floral source.

We measure the sugar contents and types in all of our honeys, we test diastase, invertase and hydroxymethyl-furaldehyde using photo spectrometry. We also measure the colour of honey on the p/fund scale in mm. Using microscopy we also analyse pollen content to help finitely determine the origins of each type and to check the levels of undissolvable matter present.

FINALLY each batch is taste tested before its approved and given its gold Littleover Apiary label.

We do all this to ensure that you have the very best standard of honey to spread on your toast, drizzle over your pancakes or bake into your bread.


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