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manuka honeyLittleover Apiaries Ltd are one the UK’s leading honey producers and suppliers of English honey, with an enviable reputation for quality and diversity of floral type.

We are very sorry but thanks to a cock up by BT we are experiencing severe problems with our phone systems. Your call is important to us and we are not too busy to take your call. So if our system cuts you off and tells you we are too busy please try again or email us at and we will return your call. Rest assured we are working hard to resolve this issue.

We produce honey from all over the eastern counties of England and  specialise in the very best of British produce. Over recent years we have extended our range to include international speciality honeys which are produced with the same levels of passion, commitment and care.

home-2We believe we operate some of the highest quality standards in the European honey industry.  We do not heat-treat or blend our honey, we are 100% chemical and drug free in all our hive operations, and we only use gravity filtration to ensure that our honey is in the jar in as natural a state as possible.  After all the bees have been producing perfect honey long before man became involved.

You can shop with us online through ourHere you’ll find all ranges of our delicious honeys, including our 5+, 10+ and 15+ active Manuka Honey, famous English Honey, our extensive range of Organic Honey sand our speciality Continental Honeys.

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